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I liked that you added some context to the game, even if just a little. But, the font choice with all those effects isn't good to read.  The gameplay is cool, but as others pointed out, could be really fined tuned, like the move and the feedback on hitting enemies. Also, I felt that the game could use other objectives, like collecting stuff or defending certain parts of the map.

What part are you talking about for font choice. Thank you for playing!

Cool little game. The story was, fine I guess it felt a bit strange. I feel that there needs to be a lot more feedback on if you hit a zombie and vice versa. I thought the advertisements were pretty cool.

The story was made in 30 minuets so that's why it was lacking.  Thank you for the feedback!

The plot is kind of meh, is the floor frozen, everybody(including the zombies) is on skates? Why has the player character a helicopter blade belt? I feel a missed opportunity here, the mechanic could be incorporated into the plot!

The colors for the text - not the best, the dark gradient kind of blends into the background making it annoying to read, paragraphs would be nice too.

The game mechanic is ok. There's a bit of a challenge, but it starts easy so that's fine.

Thank you for the feedback!

Pretty neat mechanic!  It seemed like the enemy health was a bit more fine-grained than what was displayed, or maybe I was misinterpreting what was being counted as a hit.  It might help clarify to have a visual indication whenever damage is done.  The floor seemed icy, which is apt for this time of year (at least in the northern hemisphere), though it sounds like from a reply below that it wasn't intentional.  It might be that you're applying a force in the direction of the arrow keys, instead of setting the velocity in the direction of the arrow keys, though I don't know what your setup is like, so I can only really guess.  I think it's okay icy, though, 'cause it adds a bit of challenge.  Congrats on completing a game for the jam! :)

Thank you for playing! The hp in the health bar show HP / 10 so you were right. What you said about the icyness of the floor sounds right so if I make a post jam version I will fix that.

I just got 95 points... is sad.

Bad things:

  • Waves need to respawn faster. Maybe they go faster later on?
  • Others mentioned this, but damage feedback is a little weird.

Good things:

  • I like the mechanic. It's simple enough to where basically no instructions are needed at all, but it's still interesting.
  • A bit of story! Noice!

Yeah I've been getting a lot of feedback about the slowness of the waves and the damage feedback. Thank you for playing and for the feed back! 

The spinning blades was a really fun concept! I would have loved a restart button, as reloading the page with the unity loading time wasn't the best experience. I assume that was due to game jam time constraints. I also would have appreciated an increase in difficulty that wasn't just increasing the enemies health, as I didn't have to change up my strategy too much for newer enemies, it just took longer to kill them. Some other people commented that the movement felt floaty, but it felt pretty good to me.

The reason for no restart button was as you suggested due time limits. It was 3 or 4ish hours before the deadline when I though of adding the restart button but I had other things to do to finish. The feedback on the difficulty is appreciated. Thank you for the feedback!  

Nice bit of fun. 455 FtW! ...I was kinda getting bored at that point, lol. Maybe make the zombies get faster over time, as well as having more hit points.

The damage feedback could stand to be better, particularly on a per-hit basis. Maybe even just a little particle every hit. As is, it felt like I was just doing occasional damage in an aura instead of continually slicing. And I could hardly tell when I got hit myself, that should have a special sound and particle effect.

The movement ended up looking and feeling very floaty. Maybe increase the force and the drag.

They do get more health but more speed would be a good addition. Damage feedback is very bad I now realize. Thank you for the feedback!



A fun entry. I would have liked shorter delays in between waves. Also, sometimes I felt like I was hitting an enemy with only 1 hp left, but it took him many more hits to fall than I expected. Not sure what was going on there.

Interesting that you added posters (?) of other people's games! I assume that was for the crossover challenge. I'd love to see more of that in future jams!

The "HP" bar was programmed to show the difference between 10 and the health  then ceilinged if you know what I mean. So if it shows 1 hp the zombie has 1-10 hp. Thank you for playing my game. 

Cool game! Really liked that you added a story into it :D

If i would have any critique that would be to have a goal i mean i know your goal is to fight zombies but just something like a point system or wave counter so that you had something to fight for :)

Anyways great game, i liked the spinning blades around you. You should be really proud of your work! :D

Thanks for playing. Adding on a rounds system was one of the things that I wanted to do if I had more time.

This is very entertaining! :D I like that you added a little bit of story and context for the game.

Thank you for playing. This is my first attempt at story in a game.

Nicely done! I couldn't come up with a strategy that suits best, so I had to think in real time what to do... therefore it makes a good action game!

Thank you.

I like it! I would take a look on the movement, it feels slippery. Thanks for making it! :D

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Yeah that's one thing I tried to fix after one of my play testers reported it to me I thought I fixed it but I guess not. Thank you for playing.