This game was made in 100 hours for the extra credit's game jam. Use number button 1 -  4 to change pipe color (1-blue, 2-red, 3-green, 4-clear/mixer pipe) . Left click to place a pipe. Right click to break a pipe. Try to get the correct colors in to the arrows going out. Red + Blue = Magenta, Red + Green = Yellow,  Blue + Green = Cyan, Red + Green + Blue = White. Use clear pipes to mix colors.


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Nice game! I love puzzle games which require combining things like colour, this is a fun one :)


I like how snappy it feels. Some pipe games make you wait just too long to see the effect of your placement, but this is so instant that I know right away if I messed up. It'd be cool if there was a slight pause though at the end of the level, once the solution has been found. I would like to relish in victory :) Discovering click-and-drag to draw long pipes gave me life...

Thanks for playing. I do agree that some level complete delay would be good.  My play tester recommended that I add click and drag controls and I'm glad he did! I'm glad you liked it! 

Very solid connect pipes games, it would be even better if there are more levels :)