Use Left click to fire and Right click to dash. The higher your dash meter is the farther you can dash. If you dash into an enemy it will to damage depending on the power of you dash. It will also regenerate some health! Made for the FIFTH Extra Credits game jam in One Hundred Hours! 

Made withUnity


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It's fun to play and it s hard to master :D well done! 
I would add: 

-A score: It would help me to keep track of what i'm doing

-"Damage boosting":it means that if you get hit, you get some kind of invincibility for a sec. That would help me (the player) to feel less defenseless when I get cornered with spikes .

-Upgrades: It would be cool to "buy" upgrades for the player to choose, more damage, more speed, bullet types, more "damage boosting" time, etc... It would add a level of complexity and it would be more engaging for the player to see things that can be earned to ease the game.

You have a good game here. Thanks for making it! ;)

Thanks for the feedback! I've never thought of adding damage boosting but it's a great idea!

That's an original game. I have never seen anything similar! The fact that shooting at the bombs makes you fall back makes it a really interesting challenge.

I made it to the black bombs, while playing on a mouse pad, so proud of myself :).

There is a small inconsistency in the graphics: The player is a hand-drawn character with a fat black boundary, but the bombs look perfect and only have a small boundary.

Thanks for the feedback! Both the player and the bombs were hand drawn maybe the smaller lines on the bombs and the fact that I used a circle as a template and then drew on another layer.

So, it's okay.  I like the concept.  One thing that I would recommend though... progress number.  Just something to indicate how far you got.  I think that would have a significant positive impact on the player.

Although, really, you probably already knew this and just didn't find the time in the jam.  I know I cut important stuff as the end closed in.  But yeah, fun little game.  Good work.

Thanks for the feed back!  Yeah I did think of it but at that time I though the jam ended at 2pm Tuesday not 2am so I never had time to implement it.